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I write about whatever piques my interest at the moment. It usually revolves around the web but not exclusively. Read on if you feel so inclined.

  • 2018

    • Contextual components in Craft CMS

      Front-end developers gravitate more and more towards using components these days. Here is a simple approach to reuse the logic of a component in Craft CMS while adjusting its styling depending on context.

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    • Switching to Gulp 4

      Although I also use NPM scripts on some projects, I have a soft spot for Gulp, mainly for its streaming ability, speed and easy to read configuration files. I have recently moved to Gulp 4 and wanted to share my experience.

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    • The journey from UX to service design

      As digital products are increasingly integrating the fabric of all types of businesses, I wanted to look at why great UX is just the bare minimum and how the mission of UX teams is broadening.

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  • 2017

    • Building a simple responsive images pipeline with Gulp

      I have been working with static site generators a lot lately. One thing I missed is a configurable image pipeline to automate the process of creating thumbnails for responsive images and the likes, so I looked into building one with Gulp.

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    • Loss, tears and smiles

      Lately, a few events drastically changed my views on what it means to experience loss. I became aware of the various nuances of negative spaces it created in my life and of my ability to cope with them or not. Between the tears and smiles, a few things emerged that I want my future self to remember.

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  • 2016

    • To hell with abstract prescriptive deliverables

      As we reach the end of the year, it's time for good resolutions: one of mine is to ditch prescriptive and abstract deliverables created in isolation in favour of more descriptive, collaborative and concrete ones.

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    • Combined searches and filters using Craft

      In a recent project, I had to create combined searches and filters with Craft CMS. The basic gist of it consists in using Twig to build modular objects that can then be consumed by Craft in the form of query parameters.

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    • Rapa Nui: an old dream come true

      Ten years ago, the missus and myself backpacked through Chile, Peru and Bolivia for three months. At the time, we didn't have the money to make it to Easter Island, but we promised ourselves we would go one day.

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  • 2015

    • Teaching in the open: Craft and Jekyll workshops on Github

      As a teacher, I want to stay current and not bore my students with outdated technologies. Being a freelancer helps, but I believe teaching in the open can too. All my courses are available for free on Github, and I began translating some of them in English as an experiment.

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    • Building a simple grid system with Sass

      Grid systems are great. With the help of Sass, it is now relatively trivial to build your own, tailor-made to the needs of your project and free of the cruft coming with one size fits all systems.

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    • Tips for Craft multilingual websites

      I live and work in Belgium, a country with three official languages. Multilingual websites are quite a common sight around here. Here is what I learned along the way after building a few of those using Craft as a CMS.

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    • Why Craft?

      "Why Craft?" is a question I have to answer often in sales pitches or in the proposals I write. So often, in fact, that I thought a quick blogpost about it might be in order.

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    • My current SVG techniques and workflow

      SVG is certainly the new hotness to get to grips with in the front-end world. Here are various use cases I encountered and the techniques and workflow I use with SVG today.

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    • Front-end style guides with Jekyll

      Style guides are a great tool to present responsive design systems. More often than not, I use Jekyll to produce HTML/CSS/JS prototypes these days. Here is my current approach to quickly create style guides for clients with Jekyll.

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