Web design & development

Projects my clients and myself worked on together. Some are fresh out of the oven, while others are a bit older. I tried my best to give you a little bit of variety.

Let's work together

How the sausage is made

I work for one client at a time so I can focus all my attention on your project. I favour partnerships over one-shot projects and use a simple iterative workflow.

  1. Discovery

    Asking a lot of questions

    Getting to know you, your team and your business. I'll be asking a lot of questions and expecting a lot of answers. Discovery helps me define the project scope. Whenever feasible, I will work in your office during this initial phase.

  2. Guidelines & specifications

    Defining the scope, thoroughly

    Based on the discovery phase, I draft an information architecture, define the various content types your site needs and their data structure. I also produce wireframes of key pages or screens and a graphical style guide.

  3. Prototyping & templates

    Prototyping in actual code

    The next step is to build a prototype using HTML, CSS and Javascript. I like to move to code as soon as possible to materialise responsive layouts, typography and interactivity. It also allows me to iterate quickly towards the final templates.

  4. Content Management System

    Structured content and ease of update

    Flexible CMS solutions allow me to build complex functionalities and data structures while your website remains easy to update. I will work closely with the people in charge of content to build a CMS experience that will fit their needs.

  5. Tests & bug squashing

    Making sure everything is up to standards

    When the site is ready, you provide me with a minimal amount of content to publish and we test all functionalities together to make sure it is up to standards. Remaining bugs will be squashed properly and diligently.

  6. Launch & follow-up

    Launch day is when it really begins

    After the final payment has been made, the site is published online and the adventure begins. Most clients know I like long term projects and ask me to stay involved for a little while after launch, but that is not mandatory.