Let's work together

Need someone to help you develop your web presence? Your agency could use an extra pair of hands on some projects? You are a non-profit or a small business and you need help with your website?

Partner with clients

I favour partnerships over one-shot projects. Most of my clients and I have worked together regularly for a while.

For some projects, I spend a few weeks in my client's office and we develop their web presence together. Other clients don't have the needs or budget to hire someone full time but they like having someone working in house. I work in their office for a couple of days a week. They consider me a part of their team.

Being an agency ally

I work with web agencies and specialise in CMS development (Craft, Jekyll, Statamic), HTML/CSS/JS prototypes and style guides, front-end development and responsive web design.

I've been building websites for the last 15 years. I am able to adapt and I'll be up and running quickly whatever your project is. Although I have worked on apps, I must confess I really enjoy developing publishing platforms and content-heavy websites.

Helping non-profits & small businesses

Over the years, I have developed the web presence of several non-profits and small businesses from start to finish. If you are looking for a hand with your website, I'll be happy to help.

Get in Touch

I am out and about a lot, so email is the best way to get in touch with me.


Let's talk

If you simply want to have a chat, Twitter is probably your best bet these days.