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Getting to know me

Meet the cook

When I am not busy designing and coding up a website or twisting young minds at school, chances are I am drinking a few Belgian craft beers with friends somewhere in Brussels.

Jérôme Coupé

What's on the menu

Although I work on web apps too, I must confess I have a soft spot for building publication platforms and content-oriented websites.

Here are the types of projects I usually work on:

  • Discovery and definition workshops
  • Websites and interface design
  • Code prototypes
  • Design systems / pattern libraries
  • HTML/CSS/JS development
  • Jamstack websites (Eleventy, Hugo, Jekyll)
  • Content Management Systems implementations (Craft CMS, Dato CMS, Contentful, Forestry, Netlify CMS)

When not freelancing, I teach design and front-end development at IAD, a communication and art school in Louvain-La-Neuve.

Partner with clients

I favour partnerships over one-shot projects. I frequently work in house as part of the team. I believe collaboration and conversations are the best tools to solve problems.

Work with agencies

I regularly work with web agencies and specialise in being at the intersection of design and development. I have been writing code as well as designing websites and interfaces for the last 28 years. I can hit the ground running if you need help on a project.

Get in touch

I am out and about a lot. Sending me a quick email is probably the most effective ways of getting a hold of me.


Webstoemp is powered by Eleventy (11ty) and hosted on Netlify. The source code is available on Github if you want to see how the sausage stoemp gets made.