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From Brussels, Belgium

UX, Design & code

Webstoemp is the online home of Jérôme Coupé, a belgian front-end designer and teacher. Just like any great dish, I believe websites are made of a few simple but carefully chosen and well prepared ingredients.

Waiter on a terrace in Brussels

Services à la carte

  • Strategy Tower icon

    Strategy and discovery

    Getting to know your team, your business and your users. I will ask a lot of questions and help you answer them to thoroughly define the scope of your project.

  • Design Systems Puzzle icon

    Design systems

    Design systems are one of the best tools I know to document design patterns and principles in order to bridge the gap between design and development.

  • Front-end code Code editor icon

    Front-end code

    HTML, CSS and JavaScript are my bread and butter. I like to move to code as soon as possible to materialise responsive layouts, typography and interactivity.

  • User experience and Design Desktop and phone icons

    UX and design

    I design websites and interfaces that are consistent, maintainable, accessible and take performance into account, while also delivering a great user experience on all platforms.

  • Content Management Systems Data architecture icon

    Content management

    Even complex websites can be maintained & updated easily when a CMS like Craft or static site generators like Hugo, Eleventy or Jekyll are on the menu.

  • Workshops Whiteboard icon


    I teach web development and design to students at school. Trust me, they are quite a demanding lot. If you or your company need a workshop, just ask.