SciencePoles Magazine

SciencePoles is an online magasine publishing in-depth articles and interviews about Polar Science and research. Designing for long form content was definitely the main challenge for this project.
SciencePoles Magazine

Typography and legibility

Since we were dealing with long form content, I focused on the typography and presented the client with various font combinations. We finally settled on Open-Sans, a sans-serif with a generous x-height for easy to read body copy, coupled with Droid Serif, a very legible serif font.

The design uses a proportional grid and white space to keep the pages structured without overwhelming the users. The site is fully responsive so I spent time making the reading experience as nice as possible on phones and tablets, before moving to the desktop layout.

Creating relations between content pieces

The site runs on ExpressionEngine. I worked very closely with a seasoned journalist to define all the various use cases and content channels (web, mobile, RSS, Facebook, Twitter, etc) and to develop solid data structures for both articles and interviews.

On of his demand was to be able to easily create relations between different articles and interviews, which was easily accomplished using Playa by Pixel&Tonic. On top of using categories, articles and interviews can be related to one another in a more organic fashion.

Archives and access

This project was really interesting as far as the content was concerned. We went through the whole back catalog, reviewed each article and interview and took the opportunity to archive content that was no longer relevant. Luckily, I worked with a great content team, including a colleague who managed to find great pictures to illustrate each piece.

The site offers several ways to access the content: chronological and yearly archives, categories, relations and a simple search engine.