Rene Robert Photography

René Robert is a French Outdoor Photographer. After working together for the International Polar Foundation, he asked me to work with him on his online portfolio. I couldn't resist working with such amazing pictures.
Rene Robert Photography

Pictures first

The challenge here was to build a very simple portfolio website for René Robert that would just let the pictures speak for themselves. I focused on getting the typography right and used a very simple color palette that would blend nicely with René’s pictures.

The site is responsive because that’s just the way I build websites these days, but it means René can use it to showcase his work to potential clients on his iPad, which he loves.


We both wanted to avoid the typical way to present picture galleries through thumbnails and modal windows. We looked at various solutions and settled on a very simple one which allow each project to tell a small story using pictures and text captions. This works surprisingly well with his “Great Alpinists” series.

The site is powered by Craft and the Matrix field allows René to add pictures to projects easily, reorder them as he wishes or add quotes in between. He can even preview a project page before publishing it live on his website.