Nisaba asked me to design and develop a marketing website to strengthen its position on the Belgian solicitors market.

Personality and professionalism

Solicitors have a reputation for being impersonal and and maybe sometimes a little stuck in the past. The client wanted an identity and content conveying professionalism and reputability while promoting a modern approach to the job and a no-nonsense business model.

Together, we created a web presence where each page has a unique design supporting content that cater for the specific needs of the various target audiences we identified. We also crafted content presenting the business model, services and advantages that Nisaba proposes to solicitors and potential collaborators. The website can be entirely updated by the client, thanks to Craft CMS.

Clear objectives

Throughout the design and implementation phases, concepts were tested with potential users and refined to match their needs and answer their questions as much as possible. The goal of the website is to support Nisaba’s marketing, both towards solicitors needing specific services and towards skilled collaborators that might be interested in joining the network.

So far, the returns on both sides have been really positive and the website has successfully supported the marketing efforts of the company.

Create opportunities

We took advantage of the website redesign to refresh the logo and overall design language used by Nisaba and to create templates for multiple offline and online channels. The general design, down to the chosen fonts and colors, take into account the fact that they should be usable on a great variety of channels and supports.