Nicolas Benedit

Nicolas is an architect based in Barcelona, with a passion for industrial design and lamps. He is also a friend. When he asked me if I could design and build him a quick website, I had to say yes.
Nicolas Benedit

A side project

I personally think side projects are great and I try to keep some time in my schedule to be able to work on a few of them. For me, they are great way to learn new techniques and to get familiar with new workflows by working on a real product.

When Nicolas asked me to work on a simple one page website, my only conditions were that I could use CSS Grid and Netlify’s continuous integration. We agreed that I would not be using any fallbacks for CSS Grid, which essentially means old browsers would get a linear version of the layout, while modern browsers would get the full experience.

Playing with CSS Grid and Netlify

I designed the website with CSS Grid in mind. I had already experimented with it but wanted a layout that would make use of it. I developed the website using Jekyll, one of my two favourite Static Site Generators (Hugo being the other one) and hosted it on Netlify.

Once I had a git repository with the finished website, it literally took 10 minutes to hook up with Netlify and to enjoy automated deployments, be on a CDN and provision an SSL certificate. If that doesn’t mean anything to you, it essentially means that your website is lightning fast, secure and that you can deploy changes in seconds. If you are a developer and you are interested in the Jamstack, Netlify is the place to start.