Little Miss Robot

The Little Miss Robot team was looking to level up their Craft CMS development chops. I gave a one day hands-on workshop to a bunch of their developers.
Little Miss Robot

Learning by doing

We started the workshop by learning the differences between Craft 3 and Craft 2 and by having everybody go through a local installation. We then touched upon how to collaborate on a project with multi-environment configurations.

The rest of the workshop was dedicated to building a fairly simple blog from start to finish. We started with a recap of the various tools (entries, assets, categories, tags, users and globals) allowing you to create data structures in Craft and how they are best used. We then analysed the project and created the data structure and fields we needed.

The next step was to move into Twig templating, starting with simple loops and output statements. That was followed by diving deeper into DRY templating with components and includes, blocks and template inheritance as well as macros. We also touched upon assets transforms and element queries manipulations with Twig to accomplish more complex tasks in a simple and logical manner.

Questions and answers sessions

Since we only had one day, more advanced topics like deployments, database workflows, eager-loading and caching were tackled in a Q&A session at the end of the day. We also took some time to go through a list of useful resources together.

I was really happy about the workshop and the feedback I had from participants. While a one day format allowed us to experiment with all the basic functionalities of Craft, I would have liked more time to dive deeper into more complex and technical topics. Lesson learned: next time I’ll plan for two days instead.