International Polar Foundation

The International Polar Foundation needed to create, maintain and run a series of websites. Rather than hiring an external agency, they wanted a long term partnership with a designer / developer.
International Polar Foundation

Develop a web presence

Very early on, the International Polar Foundation decided to invest in its web presence. It was perfectly suited for its distributed team, more flexible and less expensive than print and able to reach a global audience.

I got to work with the team to develop websites that would meet the needs of the organisation, those of its audiences and those of the team in charge of creating an publishing content.

ExpressionEngine as a CMS

When I started working for the Foundation, they were using a custom Content Management System developed in house. When the developer left, I moved all their websites to an industry-standard CMS solution. We chose ExpressionEngine for its flexibility and ease of use and never looked back.

Responsive foundations

Like many organisations the International Polar Foundation was recently confronted with the increased variety of devices and screen resolutions.

In 2012, we decided to take a mobile-first and reponsive web design approach. The templates and the CSS were refactored and vectorial SVG graphics were used to keep things crisp on high resolution screens.

A long term relationship

What you currently see is the third incarnation of the International Polar Foundation’s website. As a freelancer, I work for them a couple of days a week. I am considered as being part of the team. Such long term partnerships allow you to make the website grow and evolve with the organisation.