Equal Day

Equal was already a client. When this law firm asked me to develop the website of the first edition of Equal Day, their big annual event in Brussels, I accepted immediately.
Equal Day

Creating a brand identity from scratch

Equal needed a logo and a brand identity for the event as well as an awful lot of print work. I teamed up with a designer friend of mine. He created the logo and a brand identity while I designed and coded the website.

We chose bold colors that could create the basis of the design language along with some icons. We decided to use CSS filters on all content images to match the brand color scheme and preserve some design unity with pictures coming from various sources.

A multilingual Craft implementation

The deadline was really tight so I coded up the design in HTML/CSS and JS and teamed up with another developer friend for the Craft implementation. We are used to work together and could do a lot of work in parallel to compress production time as much as possible.

In just over one month, Equal Day went from an idea to a finished trilingual responsive website ready to launch the promotion campaign for the event.