Base Digital

The Base Digital team were looking for a modern CMS solution. I had been working with Craft CMS for a while already and proposed a three days workshop to bring their developers up to speed.
Base Digital

A deep dive with Craft CMS

Developers at Base are quite experienced, so this was not a beginners Craft CMS workshop by any stretch of the imagination, quite the contrary.

I started the first day with the basics of creating a sound data structure in Craft CMS. Around lunchtime, everybody was familiar with entries, sections, globals, users, assets, categories and tags as well as with the basics of Twig as a templating language. We spent the afternoon on building a multilingual blog with Craft.

During the next day, we dived a lot deeper with things like caching, eager-loading, macros, smart includes and objects manipulations using Twig.

We ended the workshop with a full day around “how to” exercises and questions and answers sessions decated to specific themes like security, scaling and team workflows.

Following-up with a couple of projects

After the training, I worked with Base on a couple of Craft projects to get the ball rolling. Being the brillant bunch that they are, they quickly mastered the ins and outs of the system.

I am proud to say that Craft is still their CMS of choice to this day! They even built a few e-commerce project with Commerce. Check out their projects, they are well worth your time.