Arctic Futures Symposium

Arctic Futures is an annual international symposium promoting dialog on Arctic-related issues. I was hired to develop a website and had just 3 weeks to design and build it from scratch. A relatively small project on a tight deadline.
Arctic Futures Symposium

Managing registrations

Arctic Futures is a free symposium but, seats being available in limited numbers, the organisers wanted attendees to register prior to the symposium. I built a system allowing them to easily control whether registrations are open or closed: flicking a switch in the control panel triggers a few changes on the front end and activate or deactivate the registration form.

I worked with Craft as the Content Management System for the website and whipped together a small notification plugin that, combined with the Guest Entries first party plugin, allowed me to create a modular registration form using email notifications in no time.

An evolving schedule

The other important piece of that project was the symposium schedule. As anybody having organised such an event would know, the programme is in a constant state of flux until a few weeks before the event. Using Craft and Matrix, I was able to build a highly modular tool allowing the client to add, delete and rearrange sessions or breaks to compose the programme. Using live preview, they can have a look at the full schedule before publishing it online.

Now, they can make the programme evolve until a few days before the event. When the programme is finalised, the graphical team has a sound basis for the printed version.

A responsive mobile-first approach

People attending an event are very likely to use the website on a tablet or a phone during the conference or on their way to it. We made sure they would have the best possible experience.

On the technical side of things, I made the decision to use reponsive images with srcset and sizes combined with picturefill in production.